Upcoming Auctions

Wednesday, June 28, 2023 10:00 AM

Historical Memorabilia, Entertainment and Collectables Sale

Our 400+ Lot June 28th Historical Memorabilia, Entertainment and Collectables auction will feature:
- The Most Spectacular Civil War Stoneware Jug we have ever seen!!! Embellished with the Profile Images of Three Civil War Serving Brothers. One of kind cross over collectable for the Stoneware Collector and Civil War Military Collector
- Part 1 of the Dinowitz Collection of Military Memorabilia
- World War I & II Military Uniforms, Edged Weapons, Medals and Groupings, and all types of Military Paraphernalia
- Autographs including Natalie Wood Shooting Script with Handwritten Notes, Items signed by Churchill, Arthur Conan Doyle, Dickens, etc.
- Vintage Advertising including Reverse Painted Glass signs, Early Posters and Broadsides
- Handpainted 1930’s Movie Poster Art
- Collection of Russian and European 18th-20th Century Bronze Medallions
- Collection of Dime Novels
- Photographica including Union Cases, Daguerreotypes, Cabinet Cards, CDV’s etc.
- Collection of Long Island Fire Badges.
More material added to be added!


Tuesday, July 18, 2023 10:00 AM

Jewelry, Fine Art, and Bronzes Estate Sale

Our 500+ Lot July 18th Estate auction will feature:
- 100 Lots of Estate Jewelry including material from the N.Y. and Bronx Public Administrators Offices with Gold, Silver, Diamonds and Higher End Watches
- Estate coin collection including Silver Coins and Silver Dollars
- Wayne Thiebaud Delights Portfolio 16 of 17 Etchings to be sold individually.
- Andy Warhol 1976 Skulls Portfolio Set of 4 Limited Screenprints
- High end collection of Wedgwood including Fairyland Lustre
- Group of works by Frederick Hart
- Small group of important 15th-17th century Etchings and Original Art including Lucas Cranach, Albrecht Durer, Marco Ricci & Remigio Cantagellina
- Fabulous pair of 18th Century Blackamoors with Venitian Glass Holders
- Art Glass including Daum Nancy Chandelier, Lalique Vases, Tiffany, Quezal and others
- Collection of works by Earl Edward Collins
- Fine Art including works by A. F. Tait, Pal Fried, Henry Suydam, Rufino Tamayo, Calder, Milton Avery, DeKooning, Byron Browne, Alex Katz screenprint Ada & Alex, Jose Vives-Atsara, Beautiful Herman Herzog Landscape, Frog Smith, Ken Davies, Mary Callery, Barend Koekkoek, John Coughlin Pulp Cover, Paul Jenkins, etc.
- Pen collection Vintage and Modern
- Collection of Breitling watches and others!

* Additional Viewing Dates & Times Are Available by Appointment, Please Contact Us