Toys, Part 1 of Manoil Collection, Action Figures, Pressed Steel, Hess Trucks, & Much More

Sale will feature Part 1 of the Jack and Maurice Manoil Collection from the Manoil Toy Archives, Part 1 of a Super Collection of 175 Russian Saint Petersburg soldiers. From the Tony Bifano Estate Collection, many boxed Tin Toys, Battery Ops, and Prewar Pressed Steel Vehicles and Trucks by Buddy L, Metal Craft, Keystone, Marx, and more. Collection of Mint on Card and Mint in Box Action Figures including 50+ MOC GI Joe, TMNT, Mego Star Trek & WGSH, Transformers, MASK, He-Man, Silverhawks, and much more. Part 1 of an Incredible HESS Truck Collection All in Original Boxes, including 1964 Tanker Truck Trailer, 1964 Tanker Truck Trailer with Rare Shipper Box, 1969 Woodbridge Tanker Truck, 1966 Tanker Voyager Ship Prototype, 1967 Red Velvet Tanker Truck, 1971 Season's Greetings Fire Truck, 1970 Fire Truck with Caution Label Box, Rare 1976 Service Box Trailer, Rare 1972 Service Tanker Truck, and more. Wonderful Collection of Marx Playsets All in Original Boxes and Complete including Rare, Factory Sealed "Battle of the Blue and Gray" playset, other sets include Robin Hood, Alaska, Medieval Castle Fort, Cape Canaveral, Tom Corbett's Space Academy, and Others. Model Kits including a 1950's Holy Grail Space Kit "Revell XSL-01 Manned Space Ship", Many Other Revell Aircraft Carrier Kits, Baby Boomer Toys, Games, & Much More to be Added.