Long Island's Number One Collectibles' Auction House

Now in our 30th Year!

Phil Weiss has nearly 40 years experience in the collectibles trade. Growing up as a second generation book and stamp specialist he turned his interest in the collectibles field into one of the top collectibles auction houses in the country. He has owned and operated Weiss Auctions for over 30 years. Phil has worked as a consultant for many of the country's top auction galleries. He has also contributed articles on the field of collectibles to many of the major trade publications. Phil contributes time on a regular basis doing auctions for local charities as well as free appraisals to raise money for senior centers and clubs.

Check out the Phil Weiss Archive as seen on the Antiques Roadshow Website.

We offer Monthly Sales showcasing the highest quality material in all aspects of collecting. We are proud to have achieved the record for the highest price ever paid for a United States Postage Stamp when we sold Scott #120b from the Newport Stamp collection for 1.2 million dollars. This series of sales brought in over 9 million dollars and achieved 5 other world record prices. We also hold records in many other areas of collecting including a $500,000 sale price for a 19th century Punch Cigar Store Figure. Our sports sales have seen their share of excitement with the sale of a Honus Wagner T-206 card SGC Graded 3 for just under $800,000 and a record price for a Babe Ruth Signed Black and White Hall of Fame card at just under $60,000. With all these record prices we still handle our $10 and up box lots gladly. We are not auction "Snobs" and do not want to "Cherry Pick" our way through your collection. We have been proud to have handled many great single owner collections including the B. L. Phillips collection of Battery Operated Toys and Space Toys which grossed $500,000, The Joe Keden "Queens New York Estate" which brought in 1 million dollars plus and included an incredible selection of Antique Advertising, Folkart and Occupational Shaving Mugs. We are still handling the Ken Schultz Ocean Liner, Worlds Fair and Hollywood collection which has been offered in a series of sales for the past 3 years and followed on the heels of our successful handling of the Peter Warner and H. Nevens Worlds Fair collections.

Other important collections that have past through our hands in whole or in part include F.H. Griffith Toy collection, Arthur Meyers Baseball collection, one of the finest collections of single signed baseballs ever to be offered, Part of the Ed Sullivan Collection and we are currently handling the Edward Ryan Collection of Toy and Paper soldiers.

We are ranked among the top auction houses for selling Charles Schulz and other Cartoon Art and in the field of comics we have handled some of the great collections including the Bethlehem Comic collection, Parts of the Big Apple collection, The Sherwood Golden Age collection and most recently the Eldon Dedini collection. Our $100,000 sale of the Original cover Art to Spiderman #43 still holds the Silver Age record for a comic book cover. Our recent sale of Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley's Wedding Certificate for $70,000 astounded the buying public and amassed dozens of Internet postings on all the e-wire websites. In the field of Fine Art we are quickly becoming the place to find "Fresh to the Market" art work and hold records in this field as well. We spare no expense in promoting and advertising our sales and have consistently offered diversified sales monthly in all areas of collectibles including but not limited to Stamps, Coins, Toys, Trains, Toy Soldiers, Dolls, Military Material, Rare Books, Photos, Autographs, Rock N Roll and Hollywood Memorabilia, Movie Posters, Travel Posters, Shaving Mugs, Antique Advertising, Worlds Fair, Political and Presidential Memorabilia, Disney Collectible's, Animation Art, Fine Art, Bronzes, Pottery, Porcelain, Etc. At Weiss Auctions each month is another specialty sale and another new adventure. We are determined to continue offering amazing "Fresh" material each month. Our consignment rates can match or beat any in the industry and our buyer’s premium continues to be one of; if not the lowest among larger Auction Houses. We spare no expense in advertising and promoting your material and our auction ads can be seen in more than 50 different publications and sites monthly. In 24 years of doing auctions we have never failed to pay a consignor promptly and accurately. As a Family run business we work directly with you to insure you are happy at the end of the day. Please contact us with your material if not first, call us last.